Complaints FAQs


Our mission is to help you have a better life with your money and we’d like to think we get this right as often as we can.

But things do go wrong every now and again. Knowing this, we’ll give our every effort to sort out any blips as soon as we’re aware of them. But we need to know about your gripes before we can sort them out. This is where you come in.


How do I complain?

If you’re not happy with Tandem, we’d love you to give us a chance to fix the problem. This’ll help us improve things for you and other customers in the future.

To tell us about a problem, you can call us on 0203 370 0970. Or if you’d prefer to send a letter, our correspondence address is: 

Tandem Money, PO Box 10461, Wigston, LE18 9FH


What if I’ve complained and I’m still not happy?

We’ll always give it our best shot to sort out any complaints with as much speed as we possibly can and we’d hate to think you’re not happy with us.

But if, after all our efforts, you still aren’t satisfied or it’s been more than eight weeks since you got in touch, you have the right to take things further and get in touch with the Financial Ombudsman Service. This is the UK’s official expert at sorting out banking problems.

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Is there anywhere else I can go to complain?

If you feel the Financial Ombudsman Service isn’t right for you, you can check out the EU’s Online Dispute Resolution Service.

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